Monday, September 17, 2012

Fight Like A Girl!

This is for my friend who just had surgery, a bilateral mastectomy. My 32 year old friend who had to quit nursing her 3 month old baby girl, cold turkey, two weeks ago when she had a biopsy and diagnosis of breast cancer...who will be starting chemotherapy soon, and radiation after that...who has two other young children who are probably wondering why their mom is not the one who has been picking them up from school and friend's houses.
This is for you, dear friend.
You are not alone. Never alone.
Now strap on that pink armor, fellow warrior, and fight.
Fight like a girl!
October will start in a few weeks and with it, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Be prepared to be awash in pink. Let it remind you that you are surrounded by legions who are fighting for themselves or their loved ones.
Trust that you, your husband, your children, your family and friends are stronger than you know.
Many of those helping you are unseen. Let yourself feel their strength and company in times of pain, confusion and despair. The veil is thinner than you might think.
Whatever you are going through, we are with you. And Christ has felt it all. This is all part of the Atonement. Let its healing powers consume you. Let countless prayers being said for you bring you comfort. Miracles might not come the way you expect. Just let them come.
And just in case you need a reminder of what you can do, I am making shirts for your kids to wear.
They will all say the same thing.
"My Mom Fights Like A Girl!"


Melody said...

This is beautiful, Jody. More beautiful than I can really express. Thank you for sharing.

My prayer tonight starts like this, "God, please bless Jody's friend and her children . . ."

Unknown said...

Thank you, my dear friend. You are truly a light for me as I walk this journey. Your encouragement and love have given me such great hope and strength. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. Thank you for the t-shirts, the kids love them. Thank you for coming to visit me and for taking me in to your circle of life even though you barely know me. I have taken your words to heart and they have helped me during the scary times when I just don't know how I will do all of this. You are an incredible woman and I feel so blessed to have the privilege to get to know you.

Sara Stong said...

Thanks for all your love Jody!