Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Song That Never Ends

Mike was in another bike accident today. This time a car turned right in front of him and he couldn't stop in time. He crashed into the back corner, head over heels, snapped his bike in two, cracked his brand new helmet. He remembers all of this, so I guess that means this one wasn't as bad, since his mind did not block it out. Or maybe his mind is just getting sick of all this.
And this time he called me and I (not the EMTs in the ambulance) am the one who went to the scene, picked up the pieces, got the information from the driver and the policeman, and drove him to the Instacare.  Mike insisted he didn't need to go to the ER, so this was a precautionary trip to make sure he didn't break anything new or rebreak anything that has been busy building up calcification. His shoulder is hurting and he is having a hard time lifting it.
The doctor at the instacare took one look at his anything-but-normal looking clavicle and his eyes widened. Mike quickly explained that the clavicle break was from a bike accident 3 years ago, and the shoulder and ribs were broken 6 months ago. We showed the doctor the cracked helmet. He said, "Well, that's what those are for."
He took an x-ray, and let us look at it with him. He sounded impressed as he pointed to all the broken and misaligned bones to make sure they were all accounted for in Mike's recent accidents. As far as we could tell, no new fractured bones.
Now we get to worry about soft tissue injuries. That takes time.
I got really concerned when I asked the doctor if Mike could still go on a planned skiing trip tomorrow. The doctor said, "I don't see why not" at the same time Mike said, "I'm not sure I can do that."
Usually it is the other way around.
Well, I did ask him the last time he was in the hospital, that if he was going to get in another accident, make sure his bike got the brunt of it, and not his body. Bikes are easier to replace. Maybe he is just working toward that kind of result. This time, at least it is his bike that is in multiple pieces, not him.
I am grateful he works so hard at staying mentally, emotionally and physically well with all this biking. I just wish it didn't keep smashing him to bits.


Harry Hayter said...

Good to hear that Mike is not broken up to the extent of his last accident! I hope that we will still have an opportunity to ride together this year...We look forward to seeing you and the family soon!

-God bless, Harry and family

Barbara Bee said...

What a scare. We're glad to hear that he is okay.

Melanie said...

These crashes are making me nervous! 'Glad it wasn't worse, and sorry Mike had to miss his skiing day with Joseph! Love to all from Melanie

P.S. My brother-in-law just got his new $8k Madone ;-D