Friday, April 16, 2010

My Published Works

Ah, the smell of a freshly printed magazine!
Especially when it contains some of my artwork in it.
The new issue of Somerset Studio Magazine arrived today, and I had another piece published in it. I like the write up that was done for it, and I am very pleased with the detail photos. When I sent this piece in, I was concerned with how well the fine gold flourishes would show up, and they did a good job getting close-ups of them.
Okay, okay, it sounds like I am boasting.
I prefer the term blatant self promotion.
I love teaching, and I really love teaching art. There is something magical about the way students can take the techniques I share, and make something that is truly their own expression. I always learn from them as they are willing to trust the way they create.
The part of teaching that I don't really enjoy is the part that does not involve teaching. The publicity, the financing, the location, the arrangements. I put so much effort into researching, developing and preparing classes that are wonderful and unique and well worth the time. That is where I want to channel my time and energy. I love it when someone asks me to teach a class, and I can say, "You get this many people registered and I will teach it" and they say, "You got it", and then I just concentrate on getting ready to teach.
Here's the thing -
There are excellent artists, who are not very good teachers, and they are teaching a lot.
There are "so so" artists, who are excellent teachers, and they are teaching a lot.
All of them have to be good at self promotion.
By the way, if you have to choose - go with the excellent teachers. They will help you make the art your own.
I have been working and practicing for over 30 years to be a good teacher, and over 50 to be a good artist. One thing I have learned from others - the best teachers are very generous, with time, techniques and experience. But more on that later.
So I am learning how I can share the love - of art and creation.
Getting published helps. Thank you, Somerset Studio.
Blatant self promotion helps. Check out my art web for more images, and artwork, and classes. I will post them tomorrow on
Now I need to go get more paint on my hands.


Big Bahama Mama said...

I love your art and I love your blatant self promotion.

Charlotte said...

So...when do I get my "BEGIN" back? :)