Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wildlife on the Road

The ride is going well. It is not going as planned, but it never does. The daily destination has shifted a little, but we are on track for Billings on Saturday.
We are in Yellowstone now. There are no temples here, at least not LDS temples. We have seen wildlife on the road, some of it being the elk and bison that belong here. Most of it being the large vehicles carelessly driven too fast through this gorgeous scenery.
And it has all been gorgeous. I have never seen Utah, Idaho and Wyoming so green.
There have been no crashes so far. At least not while riding the bikes. We had to carefully watch one of the bikers the other day when he didn't recover well from the day's ride. We were glad the local hospital was only a block away, and we were ready to use it, even though it was barely bigger than a house, and had a cat sitting in the window looking out at us. But we didn't need to. He is doing much better.
The biggest challenge has been coordinating support when the riders are far apart and we don't have cell phone reception. But we deal with it, and are grateful we are covering this distance with bikes and cars, not wagons and carts. Which reminds me, I only get spotty wireless, so this is the first chance I have had to connect. No big deal. I am sure your lives are continuing on just fine.
Here is my biggest challenge - It has been 6 days since my last ride. Since doing the Provo to Salt Lake ride on the tandem last Friday, I have been driving support, not riding a bike. Today we ride the tandem through Yellowstone.
That is my kind of wildlife on the road.

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CourtneyC said...

Sounds like a wonderful ride so far. Be safe!