Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leggo My Ego...uh, I mean My Logo!

So Mike asked me to design a log for the Temple to Temple Ride. He asked me to design one for the Temple to Temple 2 years ago. Now, I have seen many bicycling event jerseys, and most of them look like the cars in Nascar events. The names of sponsors and clip art images cover every inch of them. They serve a purpose. They can be viewed from any direction, and the sponsor's name will be seen.
It is rare to find a jersey that is memorable for its design. The only thing that might set one apart from another is the name of the sponsor. The cyclists I know don't seem too concerned about this, as long as the jersey fits, and wicks moisture away.
If I am going to design something, I don't want it to look like all the other jerseys. This is not just any bike ride. Two years ago, I designed something that would catch people's attention, that would get conversations going, that people would remember as different. When Mike showed it to the other riders, Mark and other Mike, there were suggestions for adding some other clip art elements. I told Mike that if they wanted to design the jersey, they could, and I would just take my design and go home.
No ego involved at all.
But here's the deal. You know what you get when a biker designs a jersey? You get a jersey that looks like it was designed by a biker.
They decided to use my design.
And, other than the colors not being what I ordered, it turned out okay. It got conversations going with people all along the way. It was also memorable. The other Mike was on a long bike ride the other day wearing that jersey. Some other bikers saw him and said, "Hey, didn't we see you two years ago when you were biking to Utah?" They remembered the jersey.
This time I had more notice, and have been working on sketches and designs for a while. I finally got the artwork the way I wanted it, scanned it into photoshop, and Mike helped me get it all ready to send to the jersey company. Under the main logo I listed all the temples Mike will be riding to, including the ones he will ride to this fall on a second epic ride this year. We emailed it to Mark and other Mike to see it.
A little background information...Four years ago mike was preparing to ride the Triple Bypass, a 120 mike event that goes over 3 mountain passes. He had registered and picked up his packet with the event jersey in it. A few weeks before the event he was in a bike race where another rider cut him off, he swerved and hit a box of water bottles, flew off and broke his collarbone. He was not able to ride the Triple on the day of the event. But he refused to wear the jersey until he had healed, and then ridden the entire course on another day. I know he rode the whole course because I followed in the car to support him. After that he wore the jersey proudly. I did not know this was a hard and fast rule for bikers - Thou shalt not wear the event jersey until you have ridden the event course. I just thought Mike was dealing with an undetected head injury and I was humoring him.
Apparently it is a hard and fast rule for bikers.
Mike, Mark and other Mike were concerned because I had listed all of the temples on the jersey design, but only Mike was going to be riding to all of the temples. The others needed to have only the temples they were riding to listed on their jerseys. And instead of saying Temple to Temple to Temple to Temple to Temple, they wanted theirs to just say Temple to Temple since they were just going from the Logan to the Billings Temple. I'm thinking, "Wait a minute. People wear concert tour t-shirts even if they haven't been to all the cities listed on the shirt. These guys are riding the longest part of the ride. What's the big deal?.....And besides, it will mess up the design. MY design."
Like I said, no ego involved at all.
Since the love of my life is into the whole Ride the Course So You Are Worthy of the Jersey thing, I was willing to compromise. Especially since he helped me with all the photoshopping. So each rider will get the jersey they will earn. I was going to be snarky and add some fine print at the bottom. Something like "By wearing this jersey I promise that I will personally ride every inch of the way from Logan to Billings. If I don't I will forfeit this jersey and my bike because I am obviously not worthy of either." But I couldn't get it to work with the design, so I didn't. Again, no ego involved here.
By the way, I will be wearing the jersey with all the temples listed. I will either be riding the tandem to them, or driving the support vehicle, so I am earning it.
So here is the jersey logo. I hope you like it. If you don't, don't tell me. I am very protective of my ego, uh, I mean my logo.


Big Bahama Mama said...

Love it! The logo and the ego.

Melanie said...

Very cool. Also DaVinci-esque. I love it!

Penny Gourmet said...

I LOVE the logo! I was sure it would be spectacular the whole post but was still wowed. Thanks for sharing! And the ego? Totally justified...good design is hard to come by and must be protected at all costs! And LOL about earning the jersey... Weirdo bikers! :) {Gotta love 'em.}

Jennifer Georgia England said...

Now you know how much I HATE ridding a bike but, if riding a bike ment I got to wear this jersey well,sure I'd go around the block or two for THIS jersey, Jody, very cool.

The Editor said...

Who do you get to do your jerseys for you? I'm trying to do jerseys for our family ride in the Hotter'n Hell Hundred race. Is there a minimum number of jerseys? I'm eager to hear back ASAP!

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