Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding, If You Like That Sort of Thing

I remember watching something like this 30 years ago. Well, kind of, sort of like this, but not quite.
I had just returned to Utah after living in London for 6 months. I was there with my family while Dad was running a student program. He stayed on longer to report on the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana for the Salt Lake paper. I had enjoyed seeing all the fuss go on in London over the engagement and wedding preparations. I hunted for and found the cheapest and cheeziest souvenir possible (still have it). I was caught up in all the pageantry of the day, and missing being in the midst of it all. I did not consider that the tension between the bride and groom was anything more than wedding jitters. Silly me.
I think Kate and Wills have a better chance of long and happy bliss than did Chuck and Di.
I am seeing a bit more of a marriage of equals going into this, since they have both been training each other  for it for a number of years.
Here are some random thoughts as the wedding goes on...
I am still quite enjoying the pageantry. And no one does pageantry like England.
I am loving the intense colors worn by the wedding guests. And there are some wildly, outrageously cool hats. I am wondering how some of them are staying perched on the heads they adorn. There must be some super glue involved. And some hats are so big and positioned so the vision of the wearer must be seriously obscured. Talk about your blind spots. If they turned their head too suddenly, they might take someone's eye out, or at least do some serious damage.
Every time I hear the voice of the clergy begin the marriage ceremony, no matter how deep and rich, I can't help but think of the wedding scene from the movie "Princess Bride".
I really love the pealing bells. If you are fortunate enough to make it to England, try to get to a cathedral and see the bell ringers. The pealing bells are not random. It requires great skill, and is a wonderful thing to see and hear.
The music is as great as ever. I am a sucker for beautiful, traditional hymns.
It was very sweet when William looked at her when she got to the altar with him and he said, "You look beautiful."
How do they keep all of those horses in such great condition, and looking so gorgeous?
As I see them riding carriages through London, I spot places I have been. I remember all the wonderful experiences I had there with people I love. I can't wait to return.
Kate and William just pulled up to Buckingham Palace after the wedding. They seemed to take a deep breath before heading into the palace for many hours of festivities before they can relax.
Brace yourselves and hold on to each other. The ride is just beginning.

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