Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Will Be Seeing Less of Me

Literally, you will be seeing less of me.
I have been losing weight. 24 pounds so far this year. I am aiming for 20 more pounds before the end of the year.
I won't go into the boring details of why or how. But I will say that despite vicious rumors, it is much less expensive to eat healthy, non-processed foods (translation: fresh fruits and vegetables, simple proteins) than it is to eat anything that requires an ingredient list.
I still love food. I am just creating different ways to enjoy it.
Weight and metabolism are such individual things. I have been resenting the way my metabolism has changed over the last 20 years. I finally decided to make peace.
I am feeling pretty good.
Let me just say, it is much easier to ride a tandem bike up a mountain now than it was last summer. I can only imagine how much easier it is for Mike.
I think I will ask him.
It is easier to do that now that there is less coming between us.


Aaron and Katie said...

Wow! Impressive! Congratulations and good luck with your goal!

Barbara Bee said...

A very big congratulations to you. I will be anxious to see you tomorrow:)

Sarah Camilla said...

People are so often surprised to hear that fruits and vegetables and back to basics foods are less expensive, but that has been my experience as well. When I eat and treat myself to the foods that were created naturally by The Master Creator my whole system sings and I just feel good inside. It is worth it to me to pay any misperceived "extra cost."