Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew

In 2002 we lived in Farmington, Utah. My sister Becky lived in Salt Lake City. She and her husband had bought a package of tickets to the Olympics, which had to be purchased over a year in advance. Summer 2001 she found out she was pregnant. The baby was due mid February. The Olympics were due mid February.
We were all thrilled about the baby coming. It would be the first new birth since Dad had died. It would be at a time when all siblings would be in town to enjoy the Olympic celebration. Anything that called for us to celebrate, helped us to heal.
We were also very willing to help Becky with her tickets. She was not able to use all of her tickets because some events required more walking and standing than she was able to do at 40 weeks of pregnancy. What is family for if not to help out in time of need? We were all very willing to sacrifice and attend the events for her. Loved it, by the way. Salt Lake City did a great hosting job.
But Becky refused to miss out on seeing Apollo Ohno. I think her husband rolled her into the ice rink venue in a wheel chair, so she wouldn't overdo it. She was able to see him win his first medal. Then she went into labor.
All 5 siblings, and my mom, my kids, and several nieces and nephews all hurried to the hospital and took over the maternity waiting room. When you're talking about a maternity waiting room in Utah, that is no easy task. But my family is not known to be shy and retiring. Only one sister was invited to be in the room the moment of birth, but within seconds she had run down to the waiting room and told us the baby was here. People jumped out of the way to avoid being trampled as we rushed down the hall to the delivery room. There we welcomed Andrew Woolley Apollo Ohno Eugene England Kimball. He looked just like my dad's baby pictures (at least that's what I think and the others who didn't agree need their eyes checked).
Before he was a week old, Andrew was able to see more athletes win medals. Becky got plenty of use out of the wheelchair during those olympics.
This will always be a part of the Winter Olympic experience for me. It was a great way to celebrate love and hope and healing. Happy Birthday Andrew!

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Melanie said...

Hooray, Jody, I can now comment! Thanks for making this work. And now I think I will leave an Olympic comment, considering the topic of this post: I'm GLAD that Canada won the gold medal in hockey!