Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maybe Not Helpless

I have been putting this off, or maybe avoiding it, or just not too sure how to blog about it. But I am definitely not ignoring it.
Terrible things happen. Most of the time it is that something happens, no more and no less than that. It isn't because you ate a red jelly bean, or your mom didn't cuddle you enough, or your great grandpa was a pirate, and it definitely isn't because Adam and Eve ate the fruit.
Sometimes I struggle with the "why". But that takes energy, and it doesn't make much difference.
A young person, deeply loved by people I know and love, is gone. I am helpless to explain or take away the loss and grief. I can send tokens of thought, I can pray, I can listen. I can stop saying I am helpless.
The earth shifted and hundreds of thousands are dead, many more homeless in Haiti. I can tune out those who turn this into a forum for fear, hate and division. I can learn about those who are helping. I can spend less on stuff, and instead send a check to help. I can assemble hygiene kits, and make phone calls, budget money to help now and next month and next year. This is not going to be over anytime soon for Haitians.
I see news footage of an old woman who is pulled out of the wreckage a week after the building collapsed on her. A week of pain, thirst, hunger and wondering if anyone will ever hear you. The first thing she does when she is out is sing praises to God, grateful for each moment of life.
I can be grateful for the miracles in all that happens, and for each moment of life.
In each moment, there is hope, and help.

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Hi Jody, Thanks for you comment on my blog. I didn't go to BYU but felt so lucky to be taught by your dad. The class I took on Mormon literature was so powerful that some things are as fresh as the day I took the class, especially the information about the Giant Joshua. You are lucky to have such a father.